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Freshman Year Experience Program

Freshman Year Experience and Retention Initiatives (FYE)

The Freshman Year Experience and Retention Initiative (FYE) is an area of the Department of Student Affairs committed to supporting the academic and social transition of first-year students to The American University of Afghanistan.

FYE seeks to help students understand expectations associated with being a member of the AUAF Community and educate first-year students about academic performance skills, understanding the university’s culture, policies, expectations, self-directed learning skills, time management, critical thinking, the eight types of intelligences, discovering types of learning, among other concepts. 

FYE provides support, resources, and programs for freshman as they build the foundation of success that AUAF students need to successfully complete their programs while surrounded by the mountains of Kabul.

University Success (UNV 100)

This course is designed to introduce students to the university as an empowering academic environment.  By creatively exploring the campus and learning how to learn in a university classroom, examining real world problems from an interdisciplinary perspective, engaging in critical thinking, and experiential learning, students will discover the connectivity of knowledge and skills necessary in working toward achievement of their academic endeavors. 

New Student Orientation

As an outgrowth of AUAF’s Mission, Vison, and Goals, New Student Orientation:


Academic Advising

Students at AUAF are assigned an academic advisor who assists them in the navigation of the university’s academic requirements to complete their respective degree. Freshman (0 – 30 completed credits) are assigned a professional academic advisor in the Department of Student Affairs. Students are eligible to declare their academic major after they complete 30 credits and have at least a 2.5 Grade Point Average. Once a student declares their major, they are assigned an advisor within their academic department.


CHAMPS Peer Mentor Program

The purpose of the CHAMPS (Cycle of success, Holistic, Academic, Mentoring, and Peer Support) Peer Mentor Program is to serve as an integral part of the University to promote the improvement of academic success, persistence and successful graduation of students participating in the program. It assists new incoming students with junior and senior class level students who serve as a resource and assist them through their first year. The primary purpose of the CHAMPS Peer Mentor Program at AUAF is to provide students with an optimum opportunity for academic and personal success. 

There are 5 primary goals of the CHAMPS Peer Mentor Program.

 1.) Facilitate successful academic integration among mentees

 2.) Facilitate successful social integration among mentees

 3.) Cultivate personal development among mentees and mentors

 4.)  Facilitate leadership development of mentors

 5.) Mentees learn and develop study skills vital for academic success.

This past year over 130 students were part of the CHAMPS Peer Mentor Program and took the opportunity to connect with other students, faculty, and staff. They gained knowledge and wisdom from those who walked in similar shoes before them.