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  1.       The Soccer Club got the third position on the first Intercollegiate Futsal Tournament on 2014.
  2.       Volleyball Coaching Course for Students on November 2015.
  3.       Female Kit Festival that AUAF students and Kabul University Students on October 2015.
  4.       Live Screening of Afghanistan vs. India Soccer Match at the AUAF Gymnasium on 3th January, 2015.
  5.       Hired a coach for female volleyball club for spring semester on 2016.
  6.       AUAF Iron-Man Intramural Tournament was held on March, 2016.
  7.       Female Futsal Matches on March 2016.
  8.       AUAF Olympic on March 2017 (Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton, Ping Pong, Chess, 100m Run, Relay Race 400m, Obstacle      Course)
  9.      Muhabullah Ahmadi and Qudratullah were participate on the 16th International Chess Tournament on India.
  10.       Spring Chess Tournament on February 2018
  11.       Spring Ping Pong Tournament March 2018
  12.       Planting Tree to support Anti-Smoking