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Students Represent AUAF at The European International Model United Nations (TEIMUN) Conference

In July 2015, the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) Model United Nations (MUN) student club’s three members participated in The European International Model United Nations (TEIMUN) conference held in The Hague, Netherlands. Participants of TEIMUN come from all over the world and represent a diverse group of countries in different councils.  The team from AUAF’ MUN club consisted of Abdul Rahim Sidiqee, Rahiba Rahimi and Jahanzib Masjidi. The team AUAF sent was selected after an internal competition.

This year’s conference theme was “The Challenge of Change – Exploring New Security Landscapes.”  Alongside more than 200 students from around the globe, AUAF’s students engaged in discussions about important global issues while improving their diplomatic skills.

“As a delegate from AUAF, debating successfully with students from top universities was the very proud moment for me in this conference,” said Abdul Rahim Sidiqee.

Each of three students from AUAF represented a country in different councils within the conference. Jahanzib represented New Zealand on the Security Council, Abdul Rahim was on the Economic and Social Affairs Council representing China, and Rahiba represented the UK in the Human Rights Council.

“After all my commitments the conference and to the sessions and my performance, the chairs of different councils told me that I was very close to win the best delegate award of the conference,” said Rahiba Rahimi

AUAF’s team received a warm welcome from their peers and was able to win different certificates in their assigned councils for articulate emphasis, ability to direct conversation, and attire.  Each participant was able to sponsor one resolution within their councils.

“I have gained a great experience from this conference which I will use in my contributions to the university’s MUN club,” said Jahanzib Masjidi.

The Model United Nations (MUN) Club of AUAF enables students to learn diplomacy, think more critically, and improve their debating skills. This club appreciates the support of AUAF administration and especially Dr. English, the University President.