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Academic Symposium Report "Gender Beyond the Limits"

"Download Academic Symposium Report through this link"


Women’s Contribution to the Afghan Economy

ICAWED began an inaugural research project in January 2014, as an initiative from the newly developed research wing. The final product will be a comprehensive research paper documenting the theme titled “Women’s contribution to the Afghan economy". The purpose of this research paper is to identify the characteristics of businesswomen and the impact of women on the Afghan economy. 


Afghan Women's Business Directory

ICAWED is publishing an Afghan Women's Business Directory in 2016, listing businesses owned by women, for women. For information, enquire:

ICAWED office: +93 (0) 796 735 027

Email: icawed@auaf.edu.af


Promoting Economic Empowerment of Women in Afghanistan through

Legal, Regulatory and Policy Reform 2015

This study looked into some of the reasons why women face obstacles to economic empowerment, and the context of those obstacles through legal, regulatory and policy frameworks. Two broad categories were addressed: business activities and inheritance. Both topics were widely canvassed and recommendations put forward on how the economic condition of women can be improved. Figure below: Mr. Nafay Choudhury. Assistant Professor of Law at American University of Afghanistan, presenting his research.

Mr. Nafay Choudhury, presenting his research