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Work Study

For some students with financial need, work-study opportunities are available. These allow students to work in part-time jobs on campus in exchange for a reduction in tuition.


To assist students in gaining work experience, AUAF has established a Work-Study  Program. The program provides students with opportunities to work at AUAF while pursuing their studies.

The AUAF Work-Study Program is coordinated through the Student Affairs Office. It is meant to provide students with demonstrated financial need (as determined by the Student Finance Office) a chance to earn extra money that goes toward paying down their tuition and fees. Work-Study employees are not paid in cash. Rather, the pay for the hours they work is applied directly to their accounts to pay down whatever amount they owe.

Besides meeting some, most, or in some cases all of their financial aid needs, the  program is an excellent opportunity for the students to gain professional experience working with national and international experts in an academic environment. For many students, these positions offer them their first real work experience in a professional setting. The work for all positions is done on campus. These positions offer 100 AFG per hour. Students must meet the following criteria to be considered for on-campus employment. The applicant must:

For detailed information on AUAF Work-Study Program (WSP) Work-Study opportunities, please contact the Student Affairs Office (studentaffairs@auaf.edu.af).