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AUAF awards a variety of scholarships to students. For an overview of available scholarships:

Application Process

All admissions criteria must be met, and the form(s) completed and logged, together with the candidate’s program application, by the due date in order for the application to be considered. The application form can be obtained from the Office of Admissions. As part of the selection process, the applicant may be required to attend an interview in person or by phone.

An applicant may apply for as many scholarships as they wish, provided the applicant meets  the eligibility criteria in each case. However, no student may hold two or more scholarships simultaneously.  A student receiving a partial scholarship may also qualify for financial aid.

Should the recipient of the scholarship interrupt their studies, the award may be discontinued depending on the circumstances as determined by the Scholarship Awards Committee.   The Scholarship Awards Committee and/or sponsor also reserve the right not to award a scholarship in any one year if there is, in the opinion of the committee, no suitable candidate. In all circumstances, the decision of the Scholarship Awards Committee (in conjunction with sponsors where applicable) is final.

Assessment of Eligibility

When assessing candidates against criteria to establish suitability for any scholarship, the Scholarship Awards Committee and sponsors will have full access to material logged with AUAF during the program application process.   Material may include:

  • Program application form
  • Academic transcripts
  • A form detailing the financial position of the candidate
  • Statement of personal aims and achievements
  • Detailed CV / resume
  • Referee reports

The above information will not be disclosed to any other party unless AUAF is required by law to do so.


An applicant for a scholarship may be required to attend an interview in person or by phone.Interviews may take place any time between the relevant application deadline and the meeting of the Scholarship Awards Committee with the sponsor to determine the successful candidate(s). Failure to attend an interview may adversely affect the student’s application.

Determination of Award

Scholarship applicants will be informed by email, mail, or phone call of the decision.  For some scholarships, candidates may be shortlisted for further consideration.  In these cases, the candidate for the scholarship will be informed of their status and may be required to  present additional information or appear for an additional interview.

Scholarship Offer and Acceptance

In order to accept and acknowledge the conditions of the award, scholarship recipients must advise the Student Finance Office in writing by the due date stated in the offer. Failure  to acknowledge the student’s acceptance by the due date may result in forfeiture of the scholarship.


Only short-listed applicants will be contacted about the outcome of their applications.

Terms and Conditions of Scholarship Acceptance

If a student accepts an AUAF scholarship award, they are acknowledging the acceptance of  the following scholarship award terms and conditions:

  1. Any terms and conditions contained in the scholarship offer letter
  2. All scholarship recipients are required to maintain a minimum Grade Point Average(GPA) of 2.0 throughout the duration of their studies.
  3. All scholarship recipients are required to take a minimum of 4 courses in a full semester.
  4. All scholarship recipients whose dorm fees are also covered by the scholarship fund are required to take at least one course during summer and winter terms. Shall the student remain in the AUAF dorm and not fill academic requirements during these semesters/terms, the student will be personally liable to bear the charges for the dorm and meals.
  5. Unless stated otherwise, all scholarships can only be taken as a tuition waiver up to the amount specified.
  6. The scholarship will commence from the term when the scholarship is granted, and not from the term when the student commences their AUAF program (i.e. if a student defers).
  7. The scholarship granted is valid to recipients in their relevant programs of study for the duration specified in the Scholarship Offer Letter.
  8. For students in FSP, the scholarship will cover in part or full the undergraduate program.

Responsibilities of Scholarship Recipients

The awarding of a scholarship does not require the scholarship recipient to take up employment with the sponsor, nor does it put the sponsor under any obligation to employ the recipient. However, all scholarship recipients are required to undertake certain activities in connection with the scholarship they hold. All scholarship recipients are required to:

  • Attend the awards ceremony at which the scholarship is formally presented.
  • Attend corporate or other functions as necessary.
  • Work with the Communications Office to aid in maintaining the relationship with the corporate sponsor.
  • Be advocates for AUAF and leaders in the community; maintain and demonstrate strong ethical values both during and after study; be conduits for messages to the general student body.
  • Assist with marketing the AUAF scholarships and core programs (through presentations at briefing sessions and/or testimonials for brochures, etc.).