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Pre- College Academy

Pre- College Academy

The Academy Program is offered by the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) at its main campus in Kabul. This new morning only program is established to prepare students in English language proficiency, academic integrity, and entry-level math skills to complete a degree at AUAF. The classes fulfill the essential role of equipping university students, in all degree programs, with the various language communication proficiency skills and with cultural awareness in a global community. The Academy Program helps students meet the varying academic and cultural needs associated with pursuing any major at the University. Students will learn an appropriate mix of academic, as well as functional English, whilst integrate study skills to support learning and growth.

The program is divided into two semesters. The courses employ traditional and blended teaching/learning techniques to help students master the English Language, math, and an international education cultural. The two levels of the Academy are Intermediate and Advance and students test into each level as they prepare for their undergraduate studies.

Classes are held five days a week during the morning hours and include English, math, learning skills, and communication courses. Students have access to all the campus academic facilities and cafeteria.

Course topics include:


We accept applications for our per- college academy programs each spring and fall. For application deadlines, please check the website regularly.

Please check out AUAF's Pre- College requirements and how to apply to find out what you will need in order to be admitted to AUAF.  We look forward to getting to know you as you go through the admissions process.

The cost of the Academy Program is equal to 10-12 credits each semester. Tuition pricing can be found at Tuition and Fees. Tuition and fees match the undergraduate tuition and fee schedule.