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The Department of Sciences, Mathematics and Information Technology

The Department of Science and Mathematics and Information Technology of the American University of Afghanistan has a highly qualified and experienced faculty with a diverse background. It serves the best interests of the AUAF and the higher education of Afghanistan. So far, the main goals of the department have been to cover the general education courses in mathematics and science and offer a state-of-the-art degree in Information Technology. The department also provides other departments such as Law, Business, and Public Administration/Political Science with additional courses in mathematics and statistics required for their degrees.

Department Faculty


Dr. Maria del Mar de Fez Laso Professor and Chair of Math and Science

Dr. Jimbo Claver Associate Professor

Dr. Bello Makama  Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Roza Pavlova Associate Professor of Mathematics and STEM

Dr. Ahsan Nazer Assistant Professor of Physics

Adjunct Faculty

Muhammad Ilyas Khalil, Adjunct Instructor

Sadia Wali, Adjunct Instructor

Laboratory Assistants

Nangyalai Amin Biology Laboratory Assistant

Wahidullah Azizi Chemistry Laboratory Assistant

Ali Reza Emran Physics Laboratory Assistant


Mukhtar Naweed Mathematics Tutor

Math Placement Test

The Mathematics Placement Test is not an admission test. It is meant to determine the math skills of undergraduate beginners. The successful students  start directly with the course “College Algebra (MTH 110)”  while those who fail have to take the remedial course “Introduction to College Mathematics (MTH 101)” in the first semester. In the latter case, your degree plan may get delayed. The math placement exam can only be taken one time. 

The MPT below serves as an example and a guide for preparation.

Please click here to view and download the math department placement test.


Information Technology Degree:

The Information Technology degree program aims to provide students with practical and theoretical knowledge of:

Degree Description

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science

IT Program Description

The curriculum provides a balance between important theoretical concepts and practical applications, and provides students with solid mathematical foundations. Once students have earned 30 credit hours and have declared their intended degree program, they are advised within the department. Elective courses give students the opportunity to learn more about the following areas:


IT Faculty

Dr. Ala Abdulhakim Abdulaziz Assistant Professor 

Dr. Aissa Boudjella Assistant Professor 

Dr. Sami Naji Assistant Professor

IT Degree Staff

Ali Shinwari, M.S., IT - Lab Assistant