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The Department of Law was established in Spring 2013 and serves as an academic and intellectual hub for students from across Afghanistan and faculty from across the world. Students in the program will embark on a challenging yet rewarding journey where they will learn to think critically about law in society, professional responsibility, and legal reform. Students will benefit from interactions with law professors from various countries with a wide variety of expertise. The program provides exposure to all major areas of law, including civil law, Islamic law, criminal law, corporate law, private law and international law. Importantly, students will gain a critical understanding of the operation of law in Afghanistan.

The Law Program places a strong emphasis on developing practical legal skills. Moreover, students have opportunities to undertake clinical legal studies and participate in international moot court competitions. Graduates will be qualified to enter the court system, private legal practice, government office, and business. Alternately, graduates may choose to pursue higher studies internationally or enter academia.

Department Vision Statement

Our vision is to produce independent thinkers who have the ability, courage, and enthusiasm to champion justice in Afghanistan.

Department Mission Statement

Through an innovative, conceptually rigorous, and pragmatically dynamic curriculum, the mission of the Department of Law is to produce graduates who have the capacity to think, write, speak, and act as professional lawyers.

Degree Descriptions

The Department of Law provides students with the following degree options:



Bachelor of Arts and Laws (B.A.-LL.B.)


The Bachelors of Arts and Laws degree requires the completion of 132 credits. The degree provides students 60 credits of general liberal arts courses followed by 72 credits of courses in law.


Law Minor


The Law minor will be granted to students from other majors who complete any 18 credits in law. For those students who matriculated in or after Fall 2013, at least 6 of those credits must be at the 300-level or above. The law minor immediately replaces the law certificate.