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AUAF Transfer Credit Information


AUAF may award transfer credit for comparable work done at universities that are similar to AUAF with regard to mission and instructional level for undergraduate degrees. AUAF’s master degree programs do not accept any transfer credits.


Transfer credits will only be considered according to the following requirements:

  1. The student initiates the request for transfer no later than six weeks after the start of their first term at AUAF by:
    1. Completing a form provided by the Registrar’s Office; and
    2. Providing an official sealed transcript along with course descriptions from the student’s previous institution. Transcripts and course descriptions in languages other than English must be accompanied by a translation. Translations from Afghan institutions should be authenticated by the Ministry of Higher Education.
    3. For accredited colleges and universities in the U.S., students must provide a course description from the catalog and syllabi for each course for which a transfer credit is requested. Transfer credits for courses are subject to verification by examination or interview. Transfer credit from non-accredited colleges and universities from outside the U.S. are not eligible for transfer.
    4. If students wish to have their transcript evaluated to determine which courses to take in the entering semester, they must submit all materials (transcripts, syllabi, course descriptions) no later than one week prior to the first day of classes for that semester. (It is recommended that students submit this material before orientation to be properly advised.) Materials submitted after this time cannot be evaluated prior to the end of the drop/add period.
  2. The course for which transfer credit is requested was taken at a university that meets one of the following criteria:
    1. Institutions that have US regional accreditation (regional accrediting bodies include the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, New England Association of Schools and Colleges, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and Western Association of Schools and Colleges)
    2. Institutions that have been granted candidacy by a regional accrediting association.
    3. Institutions other than in Afghanistan that have recognition or accreditation by the Ministry of Higher Education or similar government body in the nation where the courses were taken.
  3. The course for which credit is requested also meets the following criteria:
    1. The course for which transfer credit is requested must have been taken in the previous five years. Courses will not count toward degree requirements if taken more than five years prior and are not shown on the AUAF transcript.
    2. The grade earned in the course for which credit is requested must be the equivalent of a C or better (C- grades and lower are not eligible for transfer credit).
    3. The course for which transfer credit is requested must be at the 100-level or equivalent, or above; no credit will be given for remedial courses.
    4. No more than 60 hours may be awarded as transfer credit. Departments may place further limits on the transfer of specific program requirements with approval of the Provost.
  4. Credits or courses NOT eligible for transfer to AUAF include:
    1. Pass/Fail or courses with similar grades
    2. Course work that was audited.
    3. Course work with withdrawal grades such as W, WP or WF.
    4. Technical programs/certificates or life experience, or military service, volunteer work or other similar situations.
    5. Courses that are intended as a review of secondary school materials, such as courses designated remedial/developmental/preparatory
    6. Course work which, by an evaluation of its content, is deemed inconsistent with standard college/university curricula.
    7. Transfer credits from a completed degree at another institution to be applied for the same degree at AUAF.
  5. Other information:
    1. Students must allow at least four weeks after providing their transcript to the Registrar’s Office for the evaluation of their credentials.
    2. If a transcript is submitted during periods when department chairs are generally not on campus, the process can take much longer.
    3. Grades earned from transferred credits are not used in calculating GPAs.
    4. Credit earned from an institution using a quarter –based academic calendar will be converted to semester credits. For credits based on other systems, the department chair will base credit on the content covered.
    5. Final decisions regarding the acceptance of transfer credits are made by the academic department which houses the course requirement for which transfer credit is requested.
    6. Students wishing to complete work at other institutions after entering AUAF must receive prior approval from the appropriate department chair as well as registrar.
    7. The last 30 credit hours of undergraduate work must be completed at AUAF.
    8. Students will be tested for IT, math, and science equivalencies. Placement exams will be administered by the appropriate departments. Award of transfer credit will be based on transfer course completion and AUAF placement exam results.

Current as of fall 2018.