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English Language Program - Academy!


Academy Program


AUAF Academy

The Academy Program is offered by the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) at its main campus in Kabul. This daytime program is established to prepare students in English language proficiency, academic integrity, and entry-level math skills to complete a degree at AUAF. The classes fulfill the essential role of equipping university students, in all degree programs, with the various language communication proficiency skills and with cultural awareness in a global community. The Academy Program helps students meet the varying academic and cultural needs associated with pursuing any major at the University. Students will learn an appropriate mix of academic, as well as functional English, whilst integrating study skills to support learning and growth.

The program is divided into two semesters. The courses employ traditional and blended teaching/learning techniques to help students master the English Language, math, and an international education cultural. The two levels of the Academy are Intermediate and Advance and students test into each level as they prepare for their undergraduate studies. Students need an overall average of 'B' or higher to continue in the program and no coursework with a C- or lower. Since this is a merit based program students are not able to retake courses to improve their academic standing. Students' progress is reviewed weekly and need to maintain a minimum attendance and/or academic standing requirement in order to remain in the program.  

Classes are held five days a week during the morning hours and include English, math, learning skills, and communication courses. Students have access to all the campus academic facilities and cafeteria. These courses will help prepare students to enter the university as an undergraduate student. 

Course topics include:

  • Projects, including speeches and presentations, are taught each semester.
  • Students are introduced to the English language and the focus is on everyday use.
  • Students continue to focus on the fundamentals of social English and apply what they learn to daily conversation.
  • Students work on strengthening written and conversational skills in an academic setting through reading and listening.
  • The focus of the class shifts in the second semester towards advanced academic content based on the skills of reading and writing.
  • The English courses focus is on formal and advanced reading, writing and conversation skills.
  • The Math courses focus on preparing students for science, math, and analytic thinking.

For more information and/or application materials please contact Admissions at admissions@auaf.edu.af or call 0797 200 400 / 0794 800 400.

Our next admission cycle for this program is 2019 Spring (late January 2019) - admissions is now closed for the 2018 fall semester for the Academy Program.