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Dr. Kenneth M. Holland


Dr. Sharif Fayez

Founder and Professor of Humanities

Dr. Jeff Belnap


Ershad Ahmadi

Vice President of Development

Dr. Terrence Motiuk

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Terri McCants

Executive Director to the President's Office

Paul Revere

Vice Provost Academic Support


Dr. Andrew Starcher

Dean of Faculty and Associate Provost

Dr. Arni Arnthorsson

Chair of Business UG and MBA Program

Dr. Zaher Wahab

Director of MA in Education Program

Ghizaal Haress

Chair of the Department of Law


Chair of the Department of Political Sciences and Public Administration

Dr. John Wall

Chair of the Department of English and Humanities

Dr. Mar Laso

Chair of the Department of Science, Mathematics and IT Chair




Director of Communications

Vengai Mugabe

Chief Financial Officer

Bernaba E. I. Ghanim

Director of Procurement

Marion D Wine

Director of Human Resources

Aziz Taqwa

Director of Information Technology

Scott Brant

Director of Security

Jose Castillo

Chief Facilities Officer

Dr Julie B Holland


Gilbert Lopez

Director of Library Services 

 Paul Penton

Director of Student Affairs

Reza Sarwar

Director of Admissions 

Ian Curtis Pye

Director of Institutional Research and Risk Management


Samina Ansari

Executive Director of The Women's Center

Abdul Hakim Waziri

Director of the Professional Development Institute